FREE & Confidential Services

Individualized Services

At our ACCESS Pregnancy & Referral Centers, trained client advocates recognize the financial, personal and family concerns that may surface with a pregnancy. In addition, our client advocates are well-versed on the Louisiana Right to Know Law and are available to share that information with you.

Concerned client advocates work with individuals, couples and families to provide information on the various options available. Referrals are available for needed pregnancy-related services and educational materials are provided to all individuals.

Telephone Services

Sometimes you may have questions concerning pregnancy, abortion or adoption, but you are not ready to visit one of our ACCESS Pregnancy & Referral Centers. A trained, caring client advocate will answer your call. We are here to listen to your concerns and help you find the answers you are seeking.

Pregnancy Testing 

ACCESS Pregnancy & Referral Centers offer a complimentary, confidential urine pregnancy test to determine pregnancy. The test is lab quality and can be completed in four minutes.

To ensure accuracy, the test must be performed at least one day following the date of a missed period. A missed period in the menstrual cycle is one indication of pregnancy, but should not be considered conclusive, therefore a complimentary test at one of our ACCESS Centers is recommended.


A complimentary limited obstetrical ultrasound is available to confirm the pregnancy. It is performed as early as seven weeks from the last menstrual period.

Medicaid Enrollment

ACCESS is a certified Medicaid Enrollment Center. Trained staff are available on-site to assist clients in preparing and submitting Medicaid applications online to ensure speedier processing.

Diaper Bank

Families may pick up a supply of diapers and wipes per child, once every 30 days (assuming the requested size is in stock and available). Call 504-832-1503 for more information about the ACCESS Diaper Bank program.